Friday, April 23, 2010

Bayview Gets New Downtown Park

A new green space has been created by the clean-up of the old trailer house and assorted junk that once plagued the TERRY'S CAFE Building.Starting back in Dec. Chan's crew have worked hard to get the building and grounds back in shape after years of neglect.As of this writing they are a few hours of racking away from planting grass and the decrotive shrubs should follow soon behind.What I find particulary interesting is the plans to erect a statue of Chan in the center of it positioned with open arms as an invitation to all as they enter ChanView .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bayview White Caps begin Babe Ruth season

A new Babe Ruth League Franchise has been awarded to Bayview for the 2010 season
"The Bayview WhiteCaps"Headed by Coach Rockstad and Dean Jordan , are currently practicing
for there opening day Home stand against Bonners Ferry on May 22nd 12:30 @ the Timberlake High Field.Coach Jordan tells me they have a talented bunch of kids and will surely give the long established teams a run for there money."The Northwest area will know who the Bayview Whitecaps are by seasons end "says coach Jordan.Best of luck to you Boys.
As a new team these boys are under funded and are accepting donations through the Bayview Chamber of Commerce,to purchase uniforms ,equipment,etc.


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